Creative Web Design - Sense South Africa

Branding, Page Layout/Mockups, Build of Microsite

Web site design by Designer based near Manchester, in the North West of England.

Sense South Africa Website Design
Sense South Africa Website Design

Sense South Africa


The microsite design and concept was part of the winning proposal for the 2nd Annual South Africa Ubuntu Award, funded by South African Tourism.

TTG article relating to the award

More about the award
"Recognising innovation and vision in marketing South Africa as a destination, the award sets a standard for the travel industry in marketing the country.The prize is awarded to the most innovative marketing proposal for promoting South Africa as a leisure destination." South African Tourism.

Web Design Project Requirements

  • Branding
  • Page Layout/Mockups
  • Photoshop
  • CSS
  • Flash, Actionscript
  • SEO